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This is Australian roots music in its purest form. Method bridge the gap between Americana Swamp and the Celts, evoking the journey folk music has made across the Atlantic and Pacific to end up with a uniquely Australian sound.

Bill Jacobi's musical education began as a 10 year old in South Carolina, through the backroads of America, through Ireland and into the birth of Punk in London. Frank Corby cut his blues teeth in San Francisco, the swing of Motown etching a signature into his distinctive storyteller drumming. Both ended up in Australia as young men and began absorbing local influences.

Between them they have composed and performed with the cream of Australian folk lore (Shane Howard, Neil Murray, The Warrumpi Band, Goanna, Gangajang, Floyd Vincent and the Childbrides, Stiff Gins, Bondi Cigars ), and both have made their own contributions to the fabric of Australian folk history. Together they capture the vastness of the great Southern Land.

Live Method are a powerful rhythm section locked firmly in a gravelly groove that can take the music from a whisper, to a growl to a roar, delivering a rhythm driven roots experience with a lyrical heart. This is not "Americana" or "Celtic", it is all Australian. Alt-folk played by 2 master musicians with humour, sincerity and a world class Method.

With three critically acclaimed albums to their name, hundreds of gigs under their belt and a career spanning more than 15 years, roots/rock duo Method describe their music as rootsy acoustic groove.

Guitarist Bill Jacobi uses open tuned and lap slide guitars that twist their way around evocative soundscapes and passionate songwriting. He is joined by drummer Frank Corby, who’s often seen pounding the skins behind legendary blues band The Bondi Cigars. Frank is also a notable songwriter in his own right, adding a rich tapestry of rhythm and texture as well as his dark vocals and lyrical twists to the mix.

Times Like These is the third CD release for roots/folk duo Method. A dusty and compelling collection of songs, Method’s music has always exuded a strong sense of the groove and this album is no exception. This is an amalgamation of swamp/roots, alternative county and hillbilly funk; that somehow manages to look back at a wealth of musical tradition, have a good poke around and then turn and run the other way.

Times Like These

Track List:

1. Wind in the Rushes

2. Communion

3. Sign Of Love

4. Moonya

5. That Wind

6. The Wish Song

7. No Invitation

8. Another Girl Another Planet

9. Ramble

Grits (2001)

Track List:

1. Grits

2. Are We Still Having Fun

3. Another Way

4. Nothing to Me

5. Whisper

6. Someday

7. Take A Little Time

8. Demoloition

9. Domestic Bliss

10. On Our Side

11. Angel

Rythmethod (1996)

Track List:

1. Shine A Light

2. Get Back

3. The Very End

4. Beggin’ You Beggin’ Me

5. Don’t Stand In The Doorway

6. Davey’s Way

CD REVIEW by Peter James Dawson

Method’s Bill Jacobi & Frank Corby bridge the gap between Americana and the Celts, evoking the journey roots music has made across the Atlantic and Pacific to end up with a unique Downunder sound.

Both musicians began life in the United States and have the seeds of blues, rock and country in their blood.

Well seasoned as bassist with Shane Howard, Stiff Gins, Warumpi Band and Neil Murray & The Rainmakers, Bill creates a warm atmosphere as frontman for Method.

Jacobi uses open tuned and lap slide guitars that twist their way around evocative sound-scapes and passionate songwriting, as in track seven ‘No Invitation’.

Drummer Frank Corby is the regular kit man for Sydney’s celebrated blues outfit, The Bondi Cigars and has paid his dues as session-player for a plethora of recording artists.

A significant songwriter also, Frank contributes valuable material to Method’s repertoire.

Along with hundreds of gigs performed and a career spanning more than 15 years, Method has gauged a rootsy acoustic groove across the musical landscape, recording three critically acclaimed CDs – ‘Rhythmethod’, ‘Grits’ & ‘Times Like These’.

Beginning with an atmospheric slide guitar and tumbling cymbals and drums, ‘Wind in the Rushes’ has a whispered vocal, which sends a shiver up your spine.

As with several tracks sound effects pepper the tightly configured mix of vocals, guitar, bass, drums and percussion.

The tempo lifts on ‘Communication’; its locomotive beat grungy with a tongue-in-cheek storyline.

Track three continues the driving metre with snare drum cracking and solid strummed acoustic guitar, with the hero seemingly alone and “looking everywhere for signs of love”.

‘Moonya’ is cheeky but sung in such a deadpan manner; the succulent slide guitar licks are lifted up, bouncing on the trampoline of high-hat and splash cymbals.

Swirling effects accentuate the driving force of ‘That Wind’, its moody, world-weary vocal as abrasive as wind-blown sand.

‘The Wish Song’ chugs along with danceable cadenced grace and a wistful lyric of forlorn love for a natural Earth:

“The day won’t come.

Sky won’t cry.

Spirit turns.

Soul runs dry.”

Method’s sole cover is ‘Another Girl Another Planet’, a hit for 1980s UK neo-punksters The Only Ones, rendered with wit and gritty poetic aplomb.

‘Ramble’ is the fingerpickin’ instrumental finale on Jacobi’s slide guitar with a shuffling feel on the brushes by Corby.

Between them Bill & Frank have a common bond in their love of music, life and nature, backed by a wealth of experience.

Bill says, “Method makes music that somehow manages to look back at a wealth of musical tradition, have a good poke around and then turn and run the other way.”

Hillbilly funk.

Blues with a beat.

Call it what you will, Method creates solid rhythm, sweet melody and a wicked turn of phrase.

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