October 6, 2021 By tradandnow_2duc1x 0

Update on the Update

Regular readers of recent editions of Trad&Now may remember reading two articles outlining the work being done behind the scenes to bring the Trad&Now website www.TradandNow.com up to date, following the old site no longer being operable.

I’m pleased to report that after many hours of weekend and weeknight work, we have completed a full stocktake of all CDs held in stock and have every one of them that is in stock now up on our website.

This is an extensive collection that has grown over the years to become what I believe is the world’s largest holding of Australian folk, blues, roots, bluegrass and world music CDs, all of which are for sale while stocks last.

Most, I imagine, will be irreplaceable once sold out.

We continue to welcome new CDs to the range to help performers have their new material publicised and even purchased.

Stock is held on consignment and an extra copy for review purposes is also welcomed.

Speaking of CD reviews, we have also added all CD reviews published in Trad&Now over the years to the titles on the website, so that readers can have an independent opinion on each CD before purchasing a copy.

Any titles that haven’t had a review published have recently been sent to members of our voluntary review panel for a review.

These will be published in forthcoming editions of Trad&Now, as space permits, at about 16 titles per edition.

The reviews will also be placed on the website around the time of publication in the magazine.

Our next step is to get all of the DVDs and books in stock up on the website for the world to see.

Apparently, simply by attrition and not being prepared to give up on a lost cause, Trad&Now has become Australia’s longest continuously running national folk and related genres music magazine.

Plans are to devote more time to it in the future, not less, to create an even better publication.

There’s a lot of love for Trad&Now out there and I hope to be able to continue producing editions deserving of that love.