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Blackwood is a family band of brothers Bruce, Andy and James Rigby with Jane Thompson. They have played all the major Australian Folk festivals and released 3 critically acclaimed albums. Songs and instrumentals from all around the world but especially Australia and Latin America.

Their debut album featured the first iteration of Blackwood with Andy Rigby, James Rigby and Jane Thompson as the core members. Bruce Rigby contributed additional vocals and mandolin to a number of the songs.

The album features a wide range of music reflecting their interests in Australian and International folk music and Latin American harp music. From opening song “The Galway Rover” to the instrumental piece “Nostalgias Del Arauca” to the Richard and Linda Thompson classic song “Dimming of the Day”, this album showcases the broad range of music that Blackwood have performed over the years. Other notable songs include “Amazon”, “Harps and Flowers”, Paul Kelly’s “Special Treatment” and “Another Train”.

This is a beautiful debut album and the first of a trilogy of albums followed by Never At Home in 2002 and Home Soon in 2004.

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